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At first glance, Clovis appears to be a rural city among the vast, southwestern landscape of the high plains of Eastern New Mexico. But beneath the surface and running deep in the hearts of the community is the spirit that sets Clovis apart.

People in Clovis have a heart as big as our skies … and a desire to welcome all into the Clovis family. Whether you’re looking for festivals or fairs, day trips to fabulous surrounding locales, live musical performances, or a variety of cultural experiences, Clovis truly has something for everyone.

Situated on the high plains of eastern New Mexico and home to Cannon Air Force Base, our growing city is perfectly positioned for travel from New Mexico and Texas hubs including Albuquerque, Lubbock and Amarillo. In Clovis, we go the extra mile for neighbors, friends and family – and we welcome with open arms anyone seeking their next adventure. Take a chance on Clovis and see why our heartfelt connections and endless horizons make for lasting memories.

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Use the official Clovis handles: #heartfeltconnections #endlesshorizons #allinclovis

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