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Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Designed to Create Awareness for New Clovis Community Brand

(Clovis, New Mexico) Wednesday, July 7, 2021— To celebrate the launch of the new Clovis Community brand and show that Clovis truly welcomes all into the Clovis family, the Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Commerce, Clovis Economic Development (CIDC), the City of Clovis, and leading businesses and organizations are launching the “hello! my name is…” campaign.

A fun way to create awareness for the new brand and assist Clovis community members to better know their fellow residents (aka the Clovis family), this unique campaign kicks off July 7, 2021 and continues through the summer. Clovis residents are encouraged to proudly wear their official Clovis "hello! my name is…" buttons personalized with their first names. When button-wearers encounter others displaying the badges they will be able to acknowledge people by their first names while sharing heartfelt hellos.

“We would love to see everyone in Clovis supporting the new community brand by wearing the buttons and sharing friendly greetings with locals and visitors,” said Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Ernie Kos. “As far as we know, no other city has tried to personally recognize all community members in this way. I’m looking forward to saying hello and meeting a lot of new people in Clovis.”

It’s easy to participate and show your community pride and spirit. Anyone interested in obtaining a free "hello! my name is…" button simply provides their first name to the Clovis Chamber and, once notified that their button is ready, can pick it up from the Chamber office. A community member can also request buttons for family and friends. Large groups such as businesses and organizations may email a group order form to the Chamber containing the first names of participants. The Chamber will print the buttons and provide notification when buttons are available for pickup.

“We want to show that the new brand belongs to the entire community and everyone has the opportunity to embrace it and utilize it to promote Clovis,” said Rachel Forrester, Clovis Chamber and Clovis Economic Development Communications Manager. “Please grab one of these "hello! my name is…" buttons and wear it around Clovis when engaging with fellow community members at work, school, shopping – wherever!”

The essence of the new community brand is that Clovis is a place welcoming all into the Clovis family while creating personal connections that inspire growth with unlimited opportunities. The new brandline is “heartfelt connections. endless horizons.” Building on the excitement and momentum of the brand launch, the community will continue working together to ensure residents and local businesses understand the mindset of the brand and strive to welcome all into the Clovis Family.

For more information about the "hello! my name is…" campaign – or to secure your button – please contact the Chamber at 575-763-3435 or



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