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Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Come with your cool cars and an appetite!

Clovis’ Draggin' Main Music Festival is best known for its groovy music and cool cars, but what would cruising Main Street be without a bite of nostalgia? Clovis is home to some iconic drive-in restaurants that have been attracting people for generations, and this Tour of Clovis' Classic Drive-Ins combines every aspect of this exciting festival for five days of great food, music and car show fun! Starting at 4 p.m. MT from Sunday, June 13 through Thursday, June 17, cruise into these local drive-in favorites to show off your cars – whether they be sleek, vintage, flashy or downright outrageous – and chow down on some tasty classic eats.

Monday, June 14 - Foxy Drive-In

Foxy Drive-In has been a go-to restaurant in Clovis since 1956. Those early days had the original Ford Thunderbirds and ’57 Chevys lined up for their famous taquitos and sodas. Today, grandparents and grandkids alike still enjoy Foxy’s breakfast, lunch and dinner from the comfort of their own car.

Tuesday, June 15 - Taco Box

Taco Box has been serving Clovis residents since 1969. It is a favorite fast food restaurant that is beloved by thousands of Clovis High School students who ate more meals here than they can count. Taco Box is on New Mexico’s Green Chili Cheeseburger trail for their award-winning burger, and if you haven’t tried their Monterrey Steak burrito, you’ve been missing out!

Wednesday, June 16th - Twin Cronnie

Twin Cronnie has been serving their feature item – a hot dog in a hamburger bun, stuffed with chili and cheese – for decades. It’s a mess but it’s worth it! Not to mention the friendly carhops, freshly-made burgers and sandwiches, and even a fantastic breakfast burrito any time of the day.

Thursday, June 17 - Wienerschnitzel

Looking for a Chicago dog, a chili cheese dog, or the famous Hailey’s special (fries covered in chili and cheese)? Satisfy that familiar and nostalgic craving at Wienerschnitzel! Plus, these hot summer nights always call for ice cream – and they’ll swirl up a cone in no time. Pull in and drive away stuffed but happy!

To see a full schedule of events for the 2021 Clovis’ Draggin Main Music Festival, please visit or the Clovis' Draggin’ Main Music Festival Facebook page.



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